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One-stop view of all employee allocations/assignments at all times.

Increased productivity and efficiency aiding in cost measurement via employment of the Fatigue and Time-Off modules.

Automated and accurate call-outs based on these key criteria:

  • Member sign-ups for different time slots
  • Step-up and Sub-Craft sequence order
  • Overtime hours
  • Seniority
  • Vacation and Sick Time-off

Automated phone messages /text messages reduce human errors during call-outs

Management of Other types of time-off codes like Family Leave, Jury Duty, Personal days and more already in place with business rules and strict enforcement / workflow notifications.

Mobile access via iPhone and Android.

Customization and replication of various employee rounds during Vacation sign-up and allotments based on refinery rules and process.

Convenient approval process for Maintenance Supervisor before calling contractors for a job.

Easy and rapid sign-ups via Internet, Interactive Phone System or two-way Text Messaging during sign-up hours.

Archival of all necessary data to perform systematic audits.

Detailed tracking of call-outs through documented phone call(s) and/or text messages. Member response for each phone call or text is captured.