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Key Features

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senterlink is composed of plug-and-play modules to address variety of business functions such as call-outs, fatigue management, time-off management.

Each module is briefly introduced below:

key features


Instead of making one phone call at a time, imagine being able to instantaneously contact a multitude of employees with a specific request. This is what the CALL-OUT MODULE is designed to do. With few steps of specifying the details of a job requests Plant of Duty Foreman can initiate a call-out to a large number of employees representing various categories. Each response is tracked and all the job needs addressed within minutes. Specific order of call-outs is followed to ensure all employees as well as craft categories are accounted for in the call-out process. Plant/Duty Foreman can simultaneously initiate a mass call-out to send out requests for multiple assignments requiring members from various categories. Each call-out is processed concurrently and independently of each other.


Enables employees and Administrator to easily manage sign-ups in each category based on requested timings, step-up requests and sub-craft availability. It also takes into account employee seniority. The system allows tracking of sick and vacation time so member sign-ups account for those. Anyone can sign up for any available shifts from anywhere, at any time within allotted company rules.


Tracking employee fatigue has become more crucial than ever. A response to employee strikes and accidents. Ensuring that all employees receive adequate rest period after extensive work hours is paramount. Our Fatigue Module automates tracking not only of the current employee allocation, but it also has the ability to forecast upcoming fatigue and send out necessary alerts both to affected employees, as well as, Administrators and Supervisors. The Fatgigue Module factors in all hours worked (including OT) and runs an algorithm to flag employees depending on their respective fatigue levels. Once fatigue levels are detected the system alerts the Administrator as well as sends automated text messages to the Maintenance Supervisor. The Maintenance Supervisor has then an option to approve or deny the request. All data pertaining to employee allocation is archived and reports are available to understand distribution of shifts among employees. A dashboard of employee shift assignments can be accessed at any time via website to monitor employee assignments. Although exception to Fatigue Rules are rare they do take place from time to time. In accordance with the respective company’s rules the system generates and archives the Corporate Fatigue Exception Form to document approvals of fatigue exception requests. Accessible from any smart phone or computer with an Internet connection.


In addition to forecasting and tracking employee fatigue our system also provides comprehensive Time-Off Module. This module allows each employee to request specific time-off codes such as regular vacation, bank days, personal days and training. Each time-off request undergoes a specific approval process involving appropriate management personnel. The module utilizes an interactive calendar platform which automatically updates all totals for each time-off category reflecting all the approvals and submitted requests. An administrator or supervisor is a able to utilize this module to view upcoming training, vacation and other time-off categories scheduled. One-stop view allows to ensure that all the major business functions are properly staffed. Respective reports can be produced to summarize totals and generate single-view of overall employee allocation throughout the current year. All time-off selections can be viewed from anywhere, at any time from a smart phone or a computer with an Internet connection.


Administrators can generate web-based reports at anytime to track call-outs, sign-up responses, current employee assignment and time allocations. Historical data for all call-outs is preserved so reports can be generated for past years to resolve any grievances/conflicts or for audit purposes.