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Our software product: senterlink is a comprehensive and automated call-out and maintenance scheduling management system. It is mobile-technology based and can be accessed on iPhone and Android mobile platforms. In addition to call-outs and scheduling it provides Fatigue Tracking and Employee Time-Off modules which contribute to increase in employee efficiency and productivity. Control Tower in the Palm of Your Hand.

Refineries in the petroleum industry have been using the senterlink callout system for over eight years.

Brief overview of key system functions:

For more details on each module please reference the KEY FEATURES tab.


Automates the process of call-outs for emergency and scheduled maintenance via text messages and/or voice messages to members in all craft categories. Call sequence takes into account seniority, overtime and time-off.

Enables the Administrators to easily manage sign-ups including built-in options for step-ups and sub-craft.

Fatigue Rules are triggered to ensure proper rest periods for employees between jobs. All time-off activities are synchronized with employee regular time and overtime worked.

Vacation/Training and other Time-off categories are tracked within the Calendar Module to ensure that people who are on vacation/sick do not get called.

Enables employees and Administrators to easily manage sign-ups using 2-way text messaging, interactive voice system and/or Internet including built-in options for step-ups and sub-craft.